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Where To Buy Hair Extensions In Miami

Want to change up your style but not sure where to start? With so many different hair extension brands, types, and methods out there, it can get overwhelming trying to figure out which type of hair extension is best for you. Whether you're looking for more volume, length, or thickness, want something provisory or long-term, we're here to help you on your hair journey. Below, we've broken down our 4 types of extensions so you can more easily decide which option is best for you. Ready? Let's get started.

where to buy hair extensions in miami


Before we dive in on the different hair extensions and their application methods, it's important to distinguish human hair or natural extensions versus synthetic hair extensions. Because knowing the difference between the two can influence your decision on which one is best for you.

The look and feel of your hair extensions will largely depend on the quality of the hair itself. Higher quality human hair extensions will have a better look and feel than cheaper synthetic extensions, as they blend in more naturally with your hair. Synthetic hair extensions, on the other hand, can often feel less like natural hair and more coarse and wiry to the touch.

One massive benefit to having human hair extensions is that they can act in the same ways as your natural hair would, meaning that you can style them with your normal hot tools, cut and color them, or apply your go-to hair products. Synthetic hair extensions have less flexibility when it comes to coloring and styling. With synthetic hair, you cannot color or style them the way you would with human hair as you risk damaging or even destroying the synthetic hair. Synthetic hair extensions can also be negatively affected by the sun, hair products with sulfate or alcohol, friction, and more.

Synthetic hair is more affordable than natural hair. However, with that smaller price tag comes tradeoffs with quality. Human hair extensions are more durable than synthetic hair fibers and can last for months.

When it comes to hair extensions, the truth is that synthetic hair will never look entirely natural. That's why we use only 100% human hair to ensure that you have the best-looking results, find the perfect color match and have hair that's easy to maintain. Now that we've made the distinction between natural vs. synthetic's get to the different types of hair extensions we offer!

Avant-Garde Salon and Spa offers hair lengthening and thickening from Great Length for self-confident women wanting to look their best. Great Length hair is real hair and giving healthy extensions with invisible bonding that is long lasting because of the application techniques. ... At Avant Garde Salon we offer the best products by using REMI hair (100% real hair) instead of synthetic hair. Unlike Tape Extensions attached on a section of hair, Great Lengths are bonded using cold fusion technique and are applied by individual strand. When you sit with our Styling Experts, they will inform you on how to maintain your new thickened and longer hair.

Tape-in hair extensions are pre-taped and then taped (or glued) together on either side of your own hair. Tape-in hair extensions require a professional hairdresser who will apply the tape-ins by aligning them with the roots and applying heat to seal the glue. You'll also need to visit the salon when you want the tape-ins removed and new ones put in (the extensions can be reused if in good condition). This process typically takes between 40 minutes to 1.5 hours.

Our salon uses premium 100% Remy real hair tape-in extensions by Bellami and Hairtalk. Bellami offers an extensive range of colors and styles such as rooted, balayage, and ombre. They are also a fabulous choice for those women looking to have very long hair (longer than 25 inches).

Hairtalk extensions are also a terrific tape-in option. They're perfect for those with a smaller budget who don't want hair longer than 25 inches. However, they are more limited in color, so always consult with a hair professional before choosing which option is best for you.

Weft hair extensions are a technique where wefted tracks are sewn into the existing hair. This method is predominately used for those with thick, curly, or coarse hair. The sew-in application is lengthy (at least several hours) and puts tension on the scalp because the application method is so tight.

Fusion hair extensions (also known as pre-bonded) are fused with natural hair using different adhesives. Hot fusion is an application method where the hair extensions are attached at the hair's keratin-based tips with a heating element or tool. The heat fuses the hair's natural hair with the extensions. On the other hand, the cold fusion technique uses ultrasound bonding to attach hair extensions without any heat damage.

For fusion and pre-bonded extensions, we use Great Lengths. The brand is known for its high-quality, ethically sourced 100% human Remy hair that lasts up to 6 months with proper care and maintenance. Great Lengths also offers a wide range of length, volume, and color effects, so you can always find exactly what you're looking for.

Microlink hair extensions (or I tips) is an application method that weaves small sections of hair through an undetectable MicroLink tube to attach the extensions without glue, tape, or thread. Microlink is considered one of the safest hair extension options because it requires zero glue or harsh chemicals. And, if applied correctly, the hair can still thrive underneath.

Professional hairstylists can purposefully apply the micro links depending on what hairstyles the client often wears. So no matter how high your ponytail is, none of the attachments will show. The application can take an hour or several depending on how many extensions are needed.

Keratin real hair extensions by Great Lengths, come pre-tipped and are bonded to your hair using the cold-fusion technique. Unlike traditional bonding, requiring to warm the area to glue, Cold-Fusion uses ultrasound bonding with no damage offering the best way to attach hair extensions. Keratin hair extensions can be cut to style your hair the way you always wanted it to be!

As in all things in life, the better you take care of it the longer it will last. Keratin Tip Hair Extensions are permanent bonded hair extensions lasting 4 to 6 months. Extensions can be re-used up to 3 times.

Hair extension clips and hair extensions tape are becoming more common. The hair extensions salon Miami staff will help you create your perfect shape and look.

Avant Garde's mission is to make sure customers always leave looking their best. When a customer is asked do you know where to find a hair extensions salons near me, we feel assured they will say Avant-Garde Salon and Spa.

With Great Lengths, this is now possible. Artistic hair styling is always more sought after. Because of lack of volume, many creative ideas were limited and now with the possibility of thickening your hair, the sky is the limit. All the best hair styles are now possible by adding Great Lengths hair extensions you will now be able to decide whether to thicken your hair and lengthen it, add crazy colored strands or if you prefer pastel colors, blended or dual toned colors.

Beauty Locks Hair Extensions salon is located in Miami, Florida and was founded in 2015. Our goal is to exceed your expectations with hair extensions and color. Come experience a family atmosphere where you come as guest and leave as friend. Our expertise and professionalism will make you feel happy and beautiful!

With hair extensions in stock and years of hair know-how we are ready to create your best and natural look. Hair extensions is our passion, and our passion shows on every client that walks out of our doors full of confidence.

Most modern hair extensions systems are safe and versatile. The selection really comes down to price and salon. Most salons work with tape and keratin extensions. Wefts and bead extensions are much less popular.

It really depends on the experience of the stylist and quantity of extensions that you are looking for. On average 60-piece tape hair extension style with cut will take about 1,5 hours. A bigger job with 150 keratin extensions and hair color will take up to 4 hours.

Most modern keratin and tape hair extensions do not damage your hair. Minimal damage does results when accidentally pulling out your hair, disregarding regular washing/moisturizing or significantly overusing hairdryer at high temperatures.

When you have long hair, you have more options for hairstyles. If you have fine hair or just keep it short most of the time, you might have been envious of people with long locks. You may have considered getting hair extensions but wondered if you would have the time to care for them and if they would look real.

Clip-in extensions are generally attached to the hair with silicone, although the clips may be made out of another type of fabric. People who do their hair often use these kinds of extensions. They are easy to use as you simply clip them right onto your hair.

Clip extensions are less damaging than other extensions because no chemicals are used, and they are easily removed. They are best for a hairstyle you want to have for a night out or special occasions.

These kinds of extensions are attached to the root of the hair. They are attached on either side with tape or glue and the use of a heat tool. It would be extremely difficult for a person to put in this type of extension themselves. A trained extension specialist can attach them to your hair and make them look beautiful and natural.

Putting in microlink extensions is a highly intricate process that takes two to three hours. Not only do you need a professional to put them in, but they should be as talented as the stylists that you will find at our salon. These extensions can damage the hair if they are not installed and removed perfectly. 041b061a72


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