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[S1E6] Full Inmate

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[S1E6] Full Inmate

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In a positive review, Alan Sepinwall, of the Rolling Stone, felt that "like most of the series to this point, 'The Prisoner' isn't so much deep as it is fun. And that continues to work well enough."[8] Keith Phipps of New York Magazine gave the episode 4 out 5 and wrote: "Anyone who's felt like The Mandalorian hasn't featured enough dirtbags so far should have no complaints after this episode." Phipps compared the episode to the film Vera Cruz (1954).[9] Joe Skrebels at IGN gave it 7.6 out of 10 and wrote: "It's simple, effective, and offers us a wildly different set-up to other, more introspective episodes of the show because, of course, every heist needs a crew."[10] Katie Rife of The A.V. Club enjoyed the episode but was frustrated by the lack of answers, saying "Personally, I don't mind the X-Files-esque way The Mandalorian's first season has toggled between standalone episodes and a larger story arc so much, as long as the side adventures are exciting and full of cool aliens and planets."[11]

The inmates start a gang-based fight in Mayor of Kingstown Season 1, Episode 6, "Every Feather," with dozens of participants. Looking on from the tower, the young guard who beat up an inmate in the series premiere sounds the alarm and fires tear gas at the brawlers. After some warning bullets from a rifle, three inmates remain standing -- two of whom are stabbing a third. The guard shoots to kill... but hits the stabbed and dying inmate instead of any of the aggressors.

After the opening credits, the prison higher-ups discuss what to do about the fight. Because the guard didn't have the shooting skills for the tower -- where he was stationed for his own protection -- they move him to the women's prison. And as punishment for the fight itself, they decide to lock down the prison. This includes shutting down the inmates' illicit mobile phones.

On the way back from the courthouse, they pick up a slew of new prisoners including Cassius Dawkins. The Warden briefs him on the rules at Bellmore before getting him processed. As he heads into prison population, Dawkins gets friendly with all the inmates but Wallace sees through this facade and keeps his guard up around the new inmate.

The doctors at New Amsterdam prepare for their annual fundraising gala. Iggy's parents are in town and his daughter is excited to see them. Vijay tries to give his gala tickets to Dora, but she misunderstands and believes he is inviting her to go with him. Dr. Fulton preps Max for the gala and reiterates the importance of raising money for the hospital. Dr. Reynolds treats a Rikers inmate who claims that the guards are drugging them. Lauren, Vijay, and Helen treat a father and son who begin displaying strange symptoms and later both the father and son have seizures. Georgia surprises Max and attends the gala and manages to secure donations. At the end of the night Max reveals his cancer diagnosis to her.

Reuniting with an old acquaintance, Ran (Mark Boone Jr.), Dyn joined a team to free a New Republic prisoner, Qin (Ismael Cruz Cordova). The episode was full of familiar faces playing various characters like Bill Burr as Mayfeld, Clancy Brown as Burg, Natalia Tena as Xi'an and Richard Ayoade voicing droid named Zero. Meanwhile, Star Wars: The Clone Wars' Anakin Skywalker voice actor Matt Lanter played a New Republic officer.

There were three other special cameos in the episode, however. After Dyn delivered the prisoner to Ran and got his payment, he cooly flew out of the space station. The conniving Ran then deployed a ship to kill Mando, what he didn't know was that Dyn snuck in the New Order tracker in Qin's pocket. And on cue, three X-Wings came flying by as they located their escaped inmate. The ships were piloted by Filoni, Famuyiwa and Deborah Chow (the director of the upcoming Obi-Wan Kenobi series) who have all helmed an episode or two of The Mandalorian.

The episode opens with a nervous close-up of Mike in a swanky, dimly-lit elevator. It's a time-honored thriller motif, and it makes clear that our outlaw mayor is being dragged into the high-stakes game of corporate intrigue. We learn that Warwick Group, which operates Anchor Bay and other private prisons in Kingstown, is basically using inmates as slave labor. They're paid just sixteen cents per day for their contract work, filling Warwick's pockets and enabling the behemoth to lobby on behalf of privatization. Mike cuts a deal with Warwick big-shot Wendy (American Gigolo's Sandrine Holt): If she can press the D.A. to sign Bunny's release papers, Mike will owe her a debt that she can collect whenever.

Meanwhile, Anchor Bay has descended into chaos, and it looks like the population is strictly split along racial lines. The AB (Aryan Brotherhood) runs the Yard, and the prison guards are in their pocket. We learn that last episode's killing of the Mexican leader Luis, which Big Hush participated in, was sanctioned by the Brotherhood in an ongoing attempt to lower the number of Black and Hispanic inmates. With the Whites fully in control, Crip generals Raphael (D Smoke) and Big Hush (Jock McKissic) have allied with the Bloods' leader Dedrick (Marcus Brandon) and his young general. The four men are playing cards in the cafeteria when corrupt CO Davidson (Matt Gerald) uncuffs a member of the Brotherhood, who then stabs Dedrick's general to death.

Things aren't looking so good for Team Mike on the outside, either. In the depths of his aimless unemployment, Kyle (Taylor Handley) is keeping busy by manically building aluminum sheds in Mariam's backyard. Meanwhile, expert marksman Robert (Hamish Allan-Headley) has received a "heart attack letter" from the District Attorney's office stating that he's being investigated for his S.W.A.T. team's actions during last season's riot. Robert's military-grade team of sharpshooters stopped the mayhem from inside the prison, rescuing Ian and Kyle along the way. But the Department of Corrections needs someone's head to roll for the sheer number of inmates killed during the ordeal, and one of Robert's men could have flipped for a favorable deal with the D.A.

In a meeting at the prison, Mike assures Bunny (Tobi Bamtefa) that he's making the move to secure his release before the day is out, and Bunny just needs to keep it quiet inside the prison. But Bunny has taken matters into his own hands: There was a mark on Mike, and Bunny convinced whomever wanted the mayor killed to target someone else. He won't tell Mike who's wearing the kill order now, and the ball is already rolling. Meanwhile, the Tent City inmate that Kareem (Michael Beach) beat up has died, and he and Carney (Lane Garrison) are hoping to sweep his medical records (which show immense, unaccounted-for internal organ damage) under the rug.

Jacob (The Kid 's Jake Schur), one of the inmates in Mariam's juvenile detention class, asks her to speak to Mike on his behalf. Now that he's eighteen years old, Jacob is being transferred to the State Pen. If he can go a year without incident, he'll be released. Problem is, in State Pen, you must be affiliated with one of the gangs in order to protect yourself, and the Whites are trying to recruit him. Jacob doesn't want to join up with the Brotherhood, so he's hoping Mike can either transfer him or secure his protection some other way.

In present day, Starlight talks to Frenchie and Hughie about taking her chip out, fearing repercussions from Stormfront. The process is a success, with Frenchie successfully removing the chip from her neck.

At the Sage Grove Center, The Boys meet out front and put on nurse scrubs to sneak in. Starlight makes a hole in the fence for them to get in while Butcher, Starlight, and Hughie agree to stakeout the place. They sneak in successfully. Billy then aims his rifle a Starlight's head but ultimately refuses to pull the trigger again. Starlight then incites an argument with Butcher by asking why he hates Supes so much. She then incites him further by comparing him to Homelander, but before the two can continue they are interrupted with the arrival of Stormfront, who flies into the center. MM, Frenchie, and Kimiko kill a guard and break into the surveillance room. There, they see video screens monitoring residents, aka Supes in the making.

Covid has hit prison populations hard and led state governments to furlough thousands of inmates for safety reasons. Sarah Stillman for The New Yorker asks whether the coronavirus pandemic will change the way we address crime and punishment.

The staff realize that they are not dealing with senior inmates very well, so they decide to give them a senior citizens unit, with no success. McManus starts behaving strangely and is somewhat permanently attached to Em City. Rebadow decides to leave with God's aid but fails. Ricardo Alvarez has Alzheimer's, and Mukada and Sister Pete debate that he should be released. Schillinger grows tired of Beecher and decides to get rid of him. O'Reily gives Beecher PCP and he takes a stand against Schillinger. O'Reily and Adebisi know that Schibetta is driving a wedge between them, so they come up with a plan to kill him. Basketball star Jackson Vahue comes to Oz and Augustus Hill, whose role model he is, tries to win his respect, but Vahue gets him to take drugs to prove his loyalty. Said succumbs to a heart attack and Huseni Mershah, who does not share Said's enthusiasm, decides to let him die. 041b061a72


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