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The Marsico Institute is accepting applications for Student Assessors who will work as part of a team for an efficacy research study implementing and evaluating an early math intervention under the direct supervision of the Principal Investigators and Project Director. They will use a standardized assessment tool, the Research-based Early Math Assessment (REMA), to collect baseline and post-intervention assessment data on preschool and kindergarten student knowledge and skills along research-based developmental progressions.

naruto - search results

The Office of Research and Sponsored Programs is seeking a Communications Coordinator of External Honorifics to develop and launch a new service to support campus-wide, research development activities and increase opportunities and success for faculty. This position will report to the senior vice provost for research and graduate education and support academic and service units across the institution, to support the nomination of faculty and other researchers for prestigious external honorifics and other recognitions. A successful candidate must have outstanding interpersonal and organizational skills to work well with a range of researchers and internal and external (to the University) partners. 041b061a72


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