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Even without significant events, many regions have continuous small settlements that cause stress on the floors and structures and sometimes lead them to small breakages, cracks or cracks. An uncoupling layer is to be foreseen to prevent a future problem, because it can compensate for small movements of the substrate and avoid unpleasant cracks in the pavement.

Crack Profili

We are in Casapesenna, in the province of Caserta, in a quiet neighborhood in a residential area. The project is to renovate the outdoor area, which had become problematic over the years.The old floor was in bad shape and there were cracked grouts and infiltration problems.Floortec, a high density polyethylene uncoupling membrane, laminated with Spunbond type nonwoven on the underside, was used to solve this situation.

What were the issues that needed to be addressed and how did you intervene?The old floor had serious cracks and in order to prevent the screed from water absorbing, we decided to overlap the existing Floortec flooring with Foiltec joint tape on the joints.

90% of passwords can be cracked with as less as six tries by hackers. How strong is your password? Add a second step to keep your data on Europass safer. Add the two-factor authentication step to log in to Europass.

It is recommended for filling cracks and joints in windows and frames of doors and windows, sills, concrete elements, etc. It is suitable for filling small cracks in walls and ceilings. It becomes waterproof after hardening and can be used for sealing in damp rooms, but on dry surfaces during application. 041b061a72


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