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Samsung Note Edge Best Buy

The Galaxy Note 5 does have its own advantage in terms of hardware though, with the availability of an even further improved S-Pen stylus. The S-Pen has become a defining aspects of the series, and every iteration has been better than the last, with more being added on the software side as well to support it. Apart from being able to take notes, crop areas of images, circle things, and more, one of the best new features added this time around is screen-off memo which activates when the S-Pen is removed from is slot, which allows you to quick jot down something even when the screen appears to be off. Not everybody needs an S-Pen, but for those who do, this may be reason enough to pick the Galaxy Note 5 over the Galaxy S7 Edge.

samsung note edge best buy


Horrible customer service! Bought a galaxy note edge and wanted to exchange it before 14 days return policy. Went over on 12th day and they told me they didnt and wouldnt have anything in stock until after my return period. So asked what my options were and guy says to me sorry and that i didnt really have any options and that I'm stuck with it this defective overheating phone and they couldnt help me!! 041b061a72


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