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Buy Bunks Nz

Thanks for your call Kim. The bunks are fantastic, grandchildren absolutely loved them & slept in the unfinished, no heating garage. There was no way they were sleeping anywhere else!! A great beginning to their own domain. It was a pleasure to do business with you. Fantastic service!! Have recommended you to a friend.

buy bunks nz

I received my Kelli bunks and am so impressed! They are fabulous quality, strong, beautifully painted white, and my daughter is in love with them!! I was most impressed by the ease of instructions and how all hardware was labelled and bagged.

We purchased the Cooper Duo Bunk and could not be happier, it is strong, sturdy and looks great. The whole purchase process was easy and hassle free with great communication. Would highly recommend The Bunkhouse to anyone needing to purchase bunks.

This just proves that everything old is new again! When I first flew across the Atlantic in 1954 (the flight was 17 hours) on TWA , they offered bunks 2 tiers on both sides of the single aisle super constellation. Those bunks were converted to regular seats by the cabin crew. They looked just like the Air NZ prototype.It's a good idea, but I don't think 4hours is enough. I think they should do some research on that.

We use Glaamp bedding on our 3 bunk caravan and the kids and I love them! The ability to layer the duvet inners is really clever, so they can be used all year round. The quality of materials and fit to the bunks are superb. They make changing the sheets on bunks a much easier job! Will be using these for many years to come!

We have triple bunks and we always had at least one kid throwing off covers and getting cold at night! Not anymore! Ever since we got this bedding they have slept through every night! The fit is amazing, I want one in queen size next! 041b061a72


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