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Dragon Heat 6 E-hentai

The first thing to know about E Hentai (ge-hentai) is that it is huge. The collection is so big that you might get intimidated when you first see the site, just like how a virgin might get scared of a big ass dick. But don't worry, I'll let you know how to make the most of the E-Hentai system.

Dragon Heat 6 E-hentai


Before Bergamo and Goku faced off in the final exhibition match, Beerus and Whis realize that Bergamo is trying to make Goku out to be the bad guy in front of all the other universes; Whis also points out the animosity towards Goku is increasing. After the fight is over, the Grand Priest announces that the tournament length will be 100 taks, which Whis explains is 48 minutes in normal language, and all 80 fighters from eight universes will fight simultaneously. After Goku's battle with Top ends at Grand Priest's order, Whis and everyone else are shocked that the tournament will take place in 40 hours. Shin takes them back to the Sacred World of the Kais to discuss the situation. Goku and Beerus get into an argument over Goku's carefree attitude, and Whis orders them to stop it. They all then head to Capsule Corporation to discuss a strategy, where Whis and Beerus eat most of the foods Chichi cooked to celebrate the upcoming birth of Vegeta and Bulma's child. Goku and Gohan begin suggesting team members and Goku first says Monaka but Beerus lies that he is feeling unwell. Whis whispers to Beerus it should be now to tell the truth about Monaka but Beerus replies he never will. Whis tells Goku that Senzu Beans are prohibited because they restore stamina, which is considered cheating and criticizes Beerus for suggesting Goku eat them secretly. Vegeta still refuses to enter as long as Bulma is still pregnant. Frustrated, Whis uses his staff's magic to warp the baby out from inside Bulma and present the baby, a girl named Bulla, in her arms. Whis tells Vegeta he is now able to enter in the tournament.

During Goku's third match with Jiren in his Ultra Instinct Sign state, Whis comments on how Goku is becoming exhilarated in the heat of the battle, which is allowing him to become even stronger. Later on, as all of the Gods of Destruction stand up in recognition of Goku's completion of Perfected Ultra Instinct, Beerus asks Whis if Goku has indeed reached the full Ultra Instinct, to which Whis smiles and says yes. As the battle between Jiren and Goku comes to an end, and Goku is prepared to land the finishing blow, Whis, like everyone else, is shocked when Goku loses Ultra Instinct, remarking how he didn't expect the toll of Ultra Instinct to be so great on Goku's body. 350c69d7ab


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