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At that meeting, I was struck by the testimony of charging parties that we've heard from on the devastating impact that age discrimination can have on people. I was struck too by the fact that many people, both employers, employees, and the public generally, really don't know that age discrimination is illegal and take it that you can let people go; you can say nasty things about older workers, just because of their age; and that's been illegal for many years now and I thought it was high time that we started to focus on this issue again.

I've had a good ride. I love these States, the United States. I've seen some of my fellow men go down the tube; I've seen them lose their houses; I have seen them lose their families, but I was too stubborn, I'm not going to lose. I went to work; I didn't care what kind of work I did. That's what has happened to a lot of people. If you lose a job over here, they feel like embarrassment won't let me go do a lesser job, I don't care. My family meant everything to me, and they were just as proud, no matter what I did, driving a big truck. I used to come by and blow the horn when I'd go by the house and I'd see my kids out waving at me; it was good. Life has been good, but when I met Ms. Sue Noh, she's a very wonderful person and Ms. Parks, and they really rehabilitated me, because when I first -- I don't know how much time I got with that red light blinking, but I want to finish this and then I'll be through.

MR. WILLIAMS: Well, you know, it probably affected me more because again, you're so convinced your skills would take you over and now you go to finding out let alone being discriminated against by race, gender, or color or what have you, when I was a kid, had pretty much got used to it. And now hey, you got another problem in life that you never thought would be -- and now you've worked all your life and you go and reach a mature age and you're looking to have a good retirement and these types of things and now you hear that you're getting too old; we're going to get rid of you. It probably devastates you more by getting discriminated by age than it did what I grew up by. I had got used to that, but I wasn't used to being discriminated by age and targeted and telling me I was through. It was very devastating. I mean you're looking at a man who today that is kind of still whole, but if you had saw some of the guys what it did to them by shutting their lifeline off. Age discrimination is very devastating. It's more -- you know, all of us was truly dedicated to the company. And when they shut you down like that, it was nobody mentally prepared for that. It was a mental issue working for that company that long. First, you had to get your mind stabilized that after 30 years going to the same place every day, and oh, when you walked out that evening, you didn't have a job. When I left that day, it was like a sign of relief one minute under stress and pressure and the next minute you were sad. On the way home, driving home, it was like two or three different things about it. What am I going to tell my wife? What am I going to tell my kids? Sometimes you feel like, I'm just going to go party. I'm just going to go drink. I'm just going to let myself go. And you know, it's hard to describe it. I can't even come to describe it to you. It took a couple of days for me to really kind of get the clouds out of my head. It was devastating.

MR. OSWALD: Yes, I agree entirely, especially with employees who are currently working for the employer. No one steps into the -- at work and says gee, I want to come forward, and I want to blow the whistle, no one says that. And coming to the EEOC, filing a charge is a huge step; even going internally to their Human Resources Department is a very big step, because they know the consequences of what is likely to happen.

In an effort to address these issues, AARP has several initiatives that help employers value and prepare for an aging workforce. AARP's National Employer Team is a hiring partnership that recruits employers who have specific interest in hiring the mature workforce. Established through a collaboration with Home Depot, AARP now supports 42 National Employer Team members that represent diverse industries, such as CVS, Johns Hopkins University, Kelly Services, Allied Barton, as well as government agencies, such as the Small Business Administration, and the IRS. 041b061a72


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