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Ram Leela Film Song Nagada Song Dhol Baje 21

You said it man. I mean if somebody asked me what is my favourite subhash ghai or SLB movie, i would be stumped because there is no one film of any of them that gave me overall satisfaction. But i like parts of Ram Lakhan, Karma,Meri jung etc. The parts i like are absolutely brilliant, at the same time the climax and other scenes of these movies are so cliched and ridiculous that i cant say i totally liked the film. Climax of subhash ghai films are particularly problematic and silly. Imagine after giving one of the extraordinary performances of his career in much of saudagar, Ghai makes dilip kumar do a motorbike jump in the climax. Good god. As for SLB well everybody was complaining about the loudness,his indulgence. but just look at that yun shbnami song from sawariya,the composition,the choreography the camera moves man its divine. So are some of the scenes and song sequences in HDDCS, Devdas, Guzarish and the first hour of Ramleela is terrific. He then throws in that ridiculous ISHQYAN song. That reminded me of the derided sarkhaylo khtiya song from rajababu. SLB chanelling david dhawan, heavens.

ram leela film song nagada song dhol baje 21



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